White Wolf Projects, like so many good ideas, is the culmination of years of friendship based on a mutual interest in fine art.  Many days have been spent visiting exhibitions, here and abroad, countless essays written and study sessions spent side-by-side at NCAD library. In more recent years discussions turned toward issues surrounding contemporary art and curatorial practices. Many hours have been spent discussing interesting work we’ve seen, formulating ideas for exhibitions and wondering how projects in a commercial gallery context might become easier to identify with and include a more encompassing audience. 

All this has lead to the conclusion that the artist-as-curator is a valid outlet. This method results in a certain kind of show, one that is considered and not lacking in feeling.  Our hope is that this is accessible to many viewers and audiences, and not just fellow artists.  Ways of accessing artwork is of utmost importance, though education, talks and writing.   We feel that the dreaded recession is in fact an opportunity for artwork to be true to itself, not bound by commercial pressures, and feel the not-for-profit model is the ideal approach for White Wolf Projects.

Anne Hendrick and Ciara O’Hara are two artists who graduated with BA Fine Art and Art History from NCAD in 2006. They have worked in a commercial gallery together and both have a strong interest in curatorial practice along side their own artistic practice. Hendrick is a painter and O’Hara is a multi discipline artist.